What our Customers say...

Storm Damage Testimonials

Despite significant difficulty, the SERVPRO team arrived the day after Hurricane Florence ended and began the extensive project of restoring our campus. From the beginning it was evident that this “Extreme Team” was professional, extremely competent and dedicated. Throughout the restoration we were impressed by their work ethic and genuine commitment to customer service and our total satisfaction.

We benefited from excellent hour-to-hour communication coupled with a genuine desire to understand our culture and accommodate accordingly. Team members were courteous, helpful and diligent. Concerns that we conveyed were quickly addressed and resolved.

SERVPRO’s rapid response and untiring effort under trying circumstances prevented further serious damage to our facilities and allowed us to resume activities within a reasonable time frame. We were blessed to partner with SERVPRO during the restoration of our campus and can recommend them highly.

The team who came was courteous and knew exactly what they were doing. It was such a relief to know somebody was taking care of the problem.

I highly recommend SERVPRO if your home has any incidents like mine did! These guys are very good at what they do!

Great staff, excellent service, highly recommended!

Thanks to John, Mike, and Michael for restoring my home after a storm knocked a tree through my home and caused rain damage.

Talk about a big disaster. When we came home from a one week vacation, I realized that a leaky faucet was now a flood in the bathroom of my Conover home. Turning to your company saved the day for me and my family. Thanks again.

I swear your team and all their equipment arrived at my home almost as soon as I hung up, which is certainly what was needed when my home was covered in water. It means so much to know that there are people you can count on in a bad situation. Wonderful cleanup job.