Water Damage Photo Gallery

Back of SERVPRO employee looks into bathroom where another SERVPRO employee is inspecting

Assessing Water Damage in a Home

You can't always see the full extent of water damage. That's why our team always performs a complete assessment to determine moisture levels and identify hidden damage. In fact, in this home, we found mold growing behind the walls of this bathroom!

Hardwood floors and some wood furniture covered by taped-down plastic, which are intruded by a couple of tubes

Hardwoods Drying System

Did you know it's possible for us to dry your water-damaged hardwoods? Using an advanced drying technique (pictured above), we can save some hardwoods. This is a result of our focus to train our employees on new and current restoration practices!

Professional Water Damage Restoration

As a 24/7 disaster restoration company, we often get calls during extreme weather situations. In this case, low temperatures caused pipes in this local hospital to freeze and burst. Our water production manager (pictured) stepped in to help dry out the moisture!

Wet Carpet Removed in Newton, NC

In the above photo, our team had to remove carpet that had begun to pull up when we began to extract water. Our extraction process removes as much moisture as possible so our air movers can dry quickly and efficiently.

Pipe Leaked at Newton, NC Fire Department

When a pipe leaked at a local fire department, water damaged the carpet in two offices. SERVPRO of Catawba County East was called in to extract the water and dry the affected areas. In the above photo, you can see the wet carpet takes up a large amount of area.

Conover Water Damaged Home

The water heater's ruptured supply line drenched the utility closet and the hallway of this home in Conover. SERVPRO techs removed the damaged drywall, removed the carpeting, and proceeded to dry out the affected areas with air movers and dehumidifiers. Call us for emergency services.

Water Damage – Newton Bathroom

Water damage to this Newton bathroom was caused by a toilet supply line leak. The leak was robust enough to drench the flooring and wick up the drywall. We pulled up the linoleum flooring and cut out the damaged sections of drywall. We cleaned up the water and dried the affected areas before applying an antimicrobial substance to inhibit any potential mold growth.

Water Damage – Newton Hi-Tech Drying Procedure

Water damage to this Newton kitchen is shown being dried with hi-tech equipment and procedures. Advanced methods for drying allowed us to restore rather than replace these kitchen cabinets. Cost savings were realized, and natural resources were saved. That is a win-win situation. If you suffer water damage and want the most up-to-date equipment, call SERVPRO of Catawba County East. We are here 24/7 at (828) 465-6504.

Office Has Water Damage in Conover

A small pinhole leak in a hidden water line expanded and put a large puddle of water in this home office in Conover creating water damage to the floor and the office furniture. We quickly dried the place out.