Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Catawba Rainstorm Flooding

The water pooling on the hardwood flooring in this Catawba home requires immediate removal to prevent the planks from warping and cupping. This rapid extraction also protects the crawlspace supports and helps to inhibit the growth of mold. Call SERVPRO for a swift response.

Tornado Damage in Catawba County

When a tornado roared through part of Catawba County in October, many properties in the area were damaged. We drove through the county in our signature green car to visit affected areas!

Catawba Storm Damaged Office Ceiling

The rain entered from the roof, and the storm damage to this ceiling in a Catawba office needed immediate attention to mitigate damages. The roof was covered with a tarp to prevent further water intrusion, and the cleanup started with the removal and discarding of the ceiling tiles.

Maiden Storm Aftermath

The flooding of a locker room at a fitness center required fasted water extraction to mitigate water damage. SERVPRO strives to salvage vinyl wall coverings even though demolition of the drywall was needed. The moisture level, as indicated by the device, was restored to normal levels.

Storm Damage – Newton

Storm damage occurred to this Newton home when a band of powerful thunderstorms passed through the area. Water damage crept in from the outside and was first noticed when the hardwood flooring began to buckle. If storm damage impacts your home or commercial facility, call SERVPRO of Catawba County East 24/7 at (828) 465-6504. We proudly offer 24-hour emergency service.

Claremont Storm Damage

WHen the groundwater rose above the thresholds of the french doors water poured into the basement kitchen. SERVPRO techs set up pumps and drying equipment to remove the water and moisture from the flooring.