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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Newton Storm Damage Disaster Recovery

Storm damage led to severe flooding at this Newton Commercial facility, halting all operations. The degree of harm to the property was such that it required the... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Claremont Bathroom

Mold damage in this Claremont home began with water damage created by condensation from pipes inside the wall. The bathroom and the garage shared the affected w... READ MORE

Flood Damage – Newton Apartment

Flood damage at a Newton apartment building resulted from heavy rains. Several apartments were affected requiring a great deal of water removal equipment. We re... READ MORE

Fire Damage to Conover Home

Fire damage at this Conover home totaled the family room shown here. Once a plan of action was established and approved by the homeowner, we proceeded with fire... READ MORE

Newton Municipal Building Water Damage

Water damage at this Newton Municipal building threatened an area where paper files and records were stored. SERVPRO was called upon to extract water and provid... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – Newton Offices

Water damage was incurred at this Newton office when an overhead pipe bust on a Friday evening of a three-day weekend. When management arrived from the break fr... READ MORE

Unwanted Water in a Newton House

The recent storm sent rainwater cascading through a broken window that was situated close to a broken downspout in this Newton home. The water wicked into the d... READ MORE

Mold Damage - Conover

Mold damage occurred at this Conover, NC home due to a minor plumbing leak from the sink that went unnoticed for some time. Eventually, the combination of moist... READ MORE

Another Kitchen Fire in Hickory

The interior of this home suffered some smoke damage from a small fire in the kitchen. The homeowner broke the kitchen window in her attempt to put out the flam... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – Conover

Commercial water damage at this Conover office building resulted when a large water heater sprung a massive leak and flooded the bathroom pictured above. The wa... READ MORE

Water Damage – Conover Home

Water damage to this Conover house was the result of a failed pipe joint above the ceiling pictured. SERVPRO was called to clean up the water and repair the dam... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Conover Medical Building

Storm damage occurred at this Conover medical building when large sections of the roof were torn from the building by high winds that were packed by the storm. ... READ MORE

Mold Damage to a Newton Home

The leak from the washing machine absorbed into and ruined the baseboard and drywall paneling in this utility room of a Newton house. SERVPRO techs can remove t... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Conover

Fire damage at this Conover home’s kitchen began as a grease fire. Grease fires burn very hot and create a lot of soot and smoke damage. The before phots ... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage - Conover

Commercial water damage struck this Conover office building when the sprinkler system supply line sprung a leak. The leak was above the drop ceiling, and the dr... READ MORE

Cupping Water Damage in a Newton Floor

Water intrusions are always causing havoc in homes in Newton as in other parts of North Carolina. This hardwood oak floor suffered cupping after the soaked in w... READ MORE

Storm Damage from Water Intrusion in Conover

Water flowed into this lower level home in Conover and deposited a large volume of water on the floor. This area had concrete and vinyl flooring, so the water e... READ MORE

Moldy Tub/Shower Installation in Newton

The module in the bathroom of this Newton home was not watertight. The moisture accumulated inside the cavity and also, as apparent by the Before Photo, on the ... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Conover Kitchen

Fire damage in this Conover kitchen began with a grease fire on the stove top. The fire jumped to the cabinets almost immediately. There was a serious amount of... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – Conover

Commercial water damage struck this Conover retail space when the roof was damaged during a nasty thunderstorm which was accompanied by high gusty winds. Rainwa... READ MORE

Catawba Ceiling Is Water Damaged

The break in the pipe running through the crawlspace soaked the drywall ceiling panels in this Catawba home. The hanging materials were torn out, and SERVPRO te... READ MORE

Conover Roof and Storm Damage

The Stormwater that intruded through the damaged roof soaked the attic and badly damaged some of the structural materials in this Conover home. SERVPRO technici... READ MORE

Burst Pipe at Local Fire Department

It might seem ironic, but even your local emergency services can have a disaster. This was the case for a fire department when a pipe above the restroom burst a... READ MORE

Dishwasher Leak in Newton, NC

We use our appliances every day, but we often take them for granted. Without regular maintenance and inspection, your appliances are likely to have leaks or oth... READ MORE

Roof Leak in Conover, NC

Roofs play an important role in protecting our homes from the elements, so when yours is damaged, it exposes your home to all kinds of damage. That's what happe... READ MORE

Overflowed Urinal in Newton, NC Church

Churches are the last place you might expect to find disaster, but unfortunately, no place is immune. A local church in Newton, NC recently had water damage aft... READ MORE

Extreme Mold Growth in Newton, NC

It's not every day that mold growth gets so bad that an entire house has to be gutted, but that's exactly what happened this is vacation home in Newton, NC. Ove... READ MORE